Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Create and Admire

I have been so busy with life in general lately, but one thing I have maintained is sewing! I love to create new things, especially for my little lovies. And my house.
I am very fortunate to have repeat customers. I have really enjoyed having a physical location to sell, but it just did not work out financially. The boutique was just taken over by new owners and I think they are going to do a fabulous job, but the time isn't right for me right now, and neither is the money.

Things that I've made around the house

You know you love sewing when you get a new picture of snaps in and have to take a picture of how pretty they are! These go on the bibs that I make. 

My set up I had at Unique Boutiques and Marketplace. I LOVE that store! If you are in or near Clayton, NC, I highly recommend you stop in there. They have a lot of unique items that are perfect for treating yourself or giving as gifts. 

Crayon roll and tote bag

There are just a few things I have made recently. Some for our family, some for friends, and some for online customers. 

If you have anything you are interested in, let me know! I accept custom orders and can make a wide variety of things. 


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