Friday, December 28, 2012

29 Weeks

Busy with the holidays, I missed writing and posting for the 28th week. I'm lucky I remembered today to jump on here and blog! We'll have a busy weekend, we have family staying with us tonight through Sunday. I can hardly wait for them to get here! I baked pumpkin banana bread and muffins this morning. Yum! It is taking every ounce of self control in my body not to eat every bit of it!
We had a wonderful Christmas. We got to spend lots of time with family, and Joey of course was spoiled rotten with tons of gifts! We appreciate everything we received. Joey has been nonstop playing since Christmas morning when he opened Santa's gifts. I'll post more about it (with pictures) in a seperate post. 
Hayley has been a little mess. She definitely never lets me forget about her, she is constantly kicking and reminding me that she's there. Other than the back pain and pain down below (definitely not fun, might I add)  I really have not had any other "major" symptoms. Joe and I both think she'll come before her due date, but knowing my luck, I'll probably be 2 weeks overdue before she decides to make her appearance!

What's Going On With Hayley Grace:

  • Now weighs 2 1/2 pounds and measures about 15 inches from head to heel. 
  • Lungs and muscles are maturing, getting ready for life on the outside! Her head is also growing to accommodate her growing brain. 
What's Going On With Momma:
  • Lots of lower back pain. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who gives me massages every night to help ease the pain. 
  • I've had heartburn a couple of times in the past week, but nothing Zantac75 couldn't fix!
I posted a few weeks ago about seeing a doctor with the Perinatal Mood Disorder clinic. That didn't work out so well. My midwife informed me that they are increasingly busy during the holidays, so taking in new patients took more time than usual. How do you tell a hormonal pregnant woman with heightened anxiety that she has to WAIT even longer to have her issues addressed?! I told her the wait was adding to my anxiety, so we both decided that a low dose of Zoloft would be worth a shot. I haven't felt this good and "normal" since before I had Joey! Normally I would be completely against taking any medications, especially while pregnant. After doing some research and talking to other moms that I know that also take Zoloft, I decided to try it out. I am so glad that I did. I have been happy, more patient with Joey, thinking more positively, and it has even improved my relationship with Joe. I was always so miserable and my fuse was so short before Zoloft. 

We have been blessed with such amazing friends who have given us clothes and necessities for Hayley! We have received boxes and bags FULL of their girls outgrown clothes, mostly sizes newborn-6 months. I am so relieved that we don't have to worry about buying clothes for her first few months here. We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us out! 

Now that the holidays are behind us, we should be able to start working on the nursery more. We still have A LOT we have to do. Hopefully it will help the time pass quickly until she gets here. 

We got a minivan! Woohoo! I never thought in a million years that I would be a minivan mom. Growing up, my sister and I would always talk about how we would drive SUV's so we wouldn't have to drive a van. Well, I am in love with it. We bought an '06 Honda Odyssey that is in excellent condition and rides like a dream! Space is no longer an issue like it was with our little Kia Sportage. I will miss the backup camera and the heated leather seats, but not THAT much. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! 

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