Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Baby, New Home?!

Not sure what was going through my mind, but shortly after having Hayley I had this extreme urge to MOVE! Some called me crazy while some called it a good idea. I am so glad we decided to list our house on the market and move! It was amazing because our house sold in 7 DAYS! Wayyy faster than I thought it would, so fast that we felt thrown into a whirlwind. 

We then had to find a house suitable for our needs and wants and submit an offer. We are awaiting the closings of both homes now and it hasn't even been a month since we started talking about moving! Crazy!

What we wanted in our new home:

  • Better area. Tired of hearing about all the break-ins happening around us! One house was robbed 3 times in one week not even half a mile away from us. I am so excited to live in a subdivision that has tons of children for Joey and Hayley to grow up playing with!
  • Better school district. The school district we are in now is crap. Low ratings, and in a drama filled school district that can never seem to get things right. The school district we are moving to has some of the highest ratings in the state. 
  • Bigger home! We are running out of room! I feel like all of our stuff is going to start falling out of the closets if we try to put anything else in them. We want more room for Joey (and eventually Hayley, too) to play. Good news is, the house we are moving to has a bonus room! Yay! ALL of their toys will be in there, and we won't have to step on blocks and Matchbox cars in our living room anymore! Who am I kidding, I'm sure they'll still end up downstairs.
Those are just the most important things. I couldn't relax until I felt like we were in the right home for us to raise a family in. 

Joey got to pick out his room in the new house. He loved going house hunting with us. At such a young age, he did extremely well!

We'll be moving in about 2 weeks. I probably won't be updating here until things get settled in at the new house. Wish us luck!


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  1. Your house is beautiful! Ya'll did a wonderful job picking it out and I hope it will be comfy for many years to come <3