Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tantrums. Grrr.

I know every child gets upset and throws tantrums, but it seems a little early for this to be happening so often with Joey. It happens multiple times a day, and lasts anywhere from 1 minute to half an hour (which feels like 5 hours). Could this be the Terrible Two's coming on a little early? I hope so. It would at least help me understand that this is just a stage that he will eventually (hopefully!) come out of. Anything worse than this and I might be balled up in a corner everyday. 

Sorry for the poor quality, taken with my phone. 

These were taken during breakfast. I have no idea what he flipped over. I had to let him down from his high chair and just allow him a few minutes to get it all out and he was okay again and back to eating his oatmeal like nothing even happened.

I hope this stage ends soon, but I'm sure there will be plenty more of these outbursts. 



  1. If it's any consolation, Evelyn went through the same phase shortly after her 1st birthday. It was like she turned on me and started throwing the most horrendous fits. I think that right after their first birthday their brains are on overload and over stimulated because they are changing from babies to toddlers. Also, throw in teething and us parents always telling them 'no' and they just can't handle it :( What helped with us was Infant Advil for teething, and toddler proofing our house. We did baby proofing, but the proofing needed to be updated. Dr. Harvey Karp said it beautifully one time that if you say 'no' more than a few times a day than you need to change the physical environment for the child. Evelyn still throws fits, but it's much better. Oh, I also noticed its mostly when she is tired and hungry. I try to keep snacks available in the fridge ready and keep our schedule as much as possible. I hope this helps!!! :D I feel for you lol

  2. I think it is so easy for children this age to get easily over-stimulated. We're trying to finish a bottle of infant Tylenol before we go onto the Infant Advil you recommended a while back to me during a different convo. I just hate having 20 bottles of open medicine! Joe picked up a bunch of fruit the other day at the grocery store which is so nice to have on hand. Quick, easy, and healthy!