Wednesday, January 30, 2013

34 Weeks!

I can't believe how close we're getting to the big day! Time is just flying by, but I know February will probably be a slow month. I'll try to keep myself busy with crafts, cleaning, and organizing when I get antsy so I don't completely lose my mind because of all the anticipation and excitement! 

What's Going On With Hayley Grace:
  • Weighing in around 5 pounds and about 18 inches long! 
What's Going On With Momma:
  • Eyesight is a victim of pregnancy hormones. It got worse with Joey, and it's getting even worse this time around, too! 
  • Leg cramps have been waking me up during the night a couple of times totally disrupting my much needed sleep. 
  • I feel like I am not stop going to the bathroom. Up at all hours of the night to pee is not fun. I guess it's one way my body is trying to get ready for the newborn (up all night) phase. 
Not too much going on here this week. Just a midwife appointment (every 2 weeks now!) and hanging out with little dude around the house. Oh, and I can't forget my never ending to-do list. 


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