Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blue or Pink?

Everybody seems to be on Team Pink when it comes to the gender of this baby. I have NO idea what it will be. When I was pregnant with Joey, I absolutely knew he was a boy. I had that "instinct". I don't even know what I "want" to have. I will be ecstatic either way! 

As I think back to the day we had the first ultrasound with Joey, Joe and I were so nervous in the waiting room. We wanted everything to be okay. We wanted so bad to hear a strong heartbeat, and we did. In that moment I cried. It reassured me that everything was okay. It also put everything into perspective. I was actually growing a little human inside of me, and he would be out in a matter of months. During the entire pregnancy, that was one of the most amazing experiences for me. It helped me connect and create a bond that only mothers have with their children. 

Joey waving at us, telling us he is alive and kicking in there!

I get to experience that first ultrasound experience again later this afternoon. I am excited and nervous. I'll be updating here when we find out! 



  1. I love Joey's ultrasound! Sooo cute!!

  2. Thanks! That was the only picture from his ultrasounds that I have on the computer. I have hard copies of his "profile" shot, but this one was my favorite :)