Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hey, Y'all!

Hey, thanks for stopping by! 

I'm Laura, wife to my wonderful husband Joe, and mom to our 15 month old son Joey. We have another bundle of love on the way due in March 2013! I love my growing family, and could not ask for any more love and support from them to get me through the day. I live a blessed life. One that is full of love, laughter, and compassion. We might not have the most money, the biggest house, or the nicest cars, but as I have matured, I've noticed that life is best lived through moments and memories with those you love. Not with the things you have.  

My sweet family. This was taken last fall. 
Like any other mom, I think my son is just perfect. He is also the most perfect child to ever walk the face of the Earth. Don't ask me how I feel about him tomorrow though, that opinion might change! 

Am I the only mom that wishes I could snap my fingers and make his mess disappear?!

Thanks SO much to Elizabeth with Marsan Photography for the wonderful pictures she took of Joey!

I am a stay at home mom, and would not have it any other way. Before we had Joey, I always thought I would be a working mom. I thought that I would be okay with Joey being in daycare or in the care of someone else. As soon as I lost my job a few months before he was born, I realized that was not what I wanted. I'm still a working mom, as any other stay at home mom is. I'm a chef, maid, play buddy, and avid Pinterest researcher. I wish I had more time to be on Pinterest. I have to find all of the wonderful recipes to try with my family! 

That's a brief summary of our story! Thanks for reading :-)


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