Monday, October 22, 2012

Selling Joey's Outgrown Clothes

:-( This makes me sad. As I was going through all of his clothes, smelling them (yes... smelling), remembering when he wore what outfit, which onesie was my favorite on him.... sigh. Even the little stains around the collar of spit up when I was breastfeeding would nearly throw me over the edge. Only a mom can understand! 

As Joe and I were taking everything down from the attic, we realized I had racked up enough clothes to fill 5 huge Rubbermaid totes! I should have taken pictures before and during the process of sorting. Oh, these clothes are only up to size 18 months. Yup, 5 Rubbermaid's full of clothes he has worn and outgrown in a little over a year. I still can't get over it. 

I was a smart shopper though. Keeping a budget in mind, and always thinking thrifty, I shopped mostly at second hand stores, consignment sales, and sale racks in the back of retail stores WITH a coupon in hand. I don't think I paid full price for any of it, which I'm pretty proud to say :-) 

Now I have 2 Rubbermaid totes full of clothes that are in near perfect condition, and I can't decide what to do with them. Sell them on Ebay, Craigslist, wait for a yard sale in the spring.... what is going to get me the most possible money? Money that I am going to be using to clothe this baby girl that we are expecting in March. Decisions, decisions! 

This is all newborn stuff. I could have swore I had more than this, maybe there's another Rubbermaid hiding in the attic. That bright royal blue onesie was one of my favorites on Joey. The color was beautiful on him. The one with the monkeys was a favorite too, because Joey has always been our little monkey even before he was born. I kept everything that was gender neutral and plain white onesies. 

Since we are planning on stopping at two kiddos, I would rather get rid of everything now knowing that we aren't planning on the possibility of having another boy. And the thought of having all of this stuff back in the attic along with clothes that I will be buying for baby girl just gives me the spins! 

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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