Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marble's Kids Museum

We took Joey on his first excursion to Marble's Kids Museum this week! He absolutely loved running around and playing with all of their different toys and checking out all of the exhibits they have to offer.

Vroom Vroom! Off he goes!

This big bus was one of Joey's favorite things to do, especially sliding down the slide they had at the back of it going into the toddler zone. 

Joey driving the ambulance

Joey and Daddy planting veggies!

Joey went shopping at the Farmer's Market and picked up some "fresh" veggies. 

Joey and Daddy playing with blocks

I am so happy that Joe got to take a day off of work to join us. Joey loved having him there, too! I would love to be able to take Joey to museums once a month or every other month. He had so much fun exploring and learning!


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